About the Course

The regulation of lawyers in Canada is a matter primarily within the jurisdiction of the provinces. Because the laws, rules and regulations that govern lawyers, including professional codes of conduct, are currently different for each province and territory, this course does not purport to cover (and students are not expected to read) the different regulatory regimes of all of the different provinces. Rather, for purposes of this course, the FLSC’s Model Code of Professional Conduct (the “Model Code”) will be referred to as the basic and primary model guide for professional conduct in Canada. It is therefore anticipated that each student, after successfully completing this course will become very familiar with the laws, rules and regulations of the given provincial or territorial jurisdiction in which he or she intends to become a member of the bar.

“Funto is a dynamic Business and Commercial Lawyer who has diverse experience across the various sectors of corporate law, specifically in the Health, Energy, Property and Probate Sectors of Law. Being active in the legal and medical spaces she had to ensure that her team observed a strict adherence to the ethical and professional responsibility standards.”

Funto Omotoso




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