August 26, 2020

NCA rolls out options for candidates that wrote the August 2020 examinations. A special exam session will hold between September 14 and 26, 2020 that will be open to all candidates who registered for any August exam. This special session will also be conducted online with a maximum time limit of four (4) hours subject to any previously approved accommodations.


Candidates who opted for a deferral in August are automatically registered to write these exams during the September special session while candidates who completed the August exams without a deferral also have the option to re-write a new version of the exams in September. This option may be exercised by requesting the NCA delete the exam that was written in August and registering to write the exams for the special September session. Failure to request cancellation and registration for the September session implies that candidate wishes to be graded by the August exams submission.


Candidates that were also registered for the exams as at August 13, 2020 but cancelled before the exams may also request to be registered for the special September 2020 exam session.

For candidates that were not registered to take the exams in August, they will not be allowed to register for the exams in September. Candidates interested in writing a new version of a subject in September must advise the National Committee on Accreditation of their decision by the end of day August 31, 2020.